Airdrop Ranking System

We created a method for giving benefits to our XCT HOLDERS, improving the whole ecosystem in general, bringing revenues to our exchange and adding value to our community and token holders.

ERC20 ICOs usually have 3 problems:

1 – During the fundraising in the ICO phase, investors are often difficult to find and access to actual investors pools is arduous.

2 – The visibility in the exchange before the listing starts. Tokens often lose value once they’re listed, due to lack of communication about the intrinsic added value to investors.

3 – Too often the token holders don’t have actual advantages in owning them.

Our solution

We have successfully experimented an equation which created a point based rank, connected to an airdrop method to incentivize the token holders to keep tokens on the exchange. This valorizes a reservation system which brings value to our partner ICO.


X= Position in the general rank following a partner ICO’s token airdrop distribution
5 groups of XCT holders have been identified. (The value of this parameter is going to be expressed with A in the equation).

We identified 3 account types. (The value of this parameter is going to be expressed with B in the equation).

1. Prime: 3 tokens

2. Gold:   2 tokens

3. Silver:  1 token

We created a modality to shape the RC (reservation contract) before the listing phase of a given partner ICO. This contract rewards the exchange users with a growth in the xCrypt rank and gives a classic ICO bonus, which is listed on our exchange after. (The value of this parameter is going to be expressed with C in the equation).

The BTC value traded during the month is very important. (The value of this parameter is denoted by Z in the equation).


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